Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Perfect Wedding Dress

Back in Wyoming!

We had a very productive, fun, busy trip to Utah!

I went up before the rest of my family on Wednesday.  What a long lonely drive that was!  But it was really nice to spend sometime with my girls and talk with my mom.

Lauren decided on the perfect dress.  We went to a new bridal store--Avenia, and this is the one she got, of course this is a model wearing it because the front has a plunging neckline that needs to be altered.  She looks amazing in it!

While Lauren was trying on dresses at this new store I was flipping through bridal magazines on the table. I saw this one and knew the lace sleeves were what Lauren loved and saw on the caption that it was available in the store we were in!  So I asked the consultant and she got it from the back.  It's so nice to have this part decided on and done and knowing it will be perfect!

Brian came down on Thursday night late with the rest of the kids.  He took Palmer to Mr Mac in the mall and bought nearly all his mission clothing!  We also were able to get his luggage and he got all his shots as well.

We delivered all of Palmer's high school graduation announcements as well to the people in Orem.

And an added bonus was that we were able to use the money we had put down for the other dress Lauren had liked towards a prom dress for Emma:

She looks great in it!  We also got some shoes for her to wear with it.

Easter weekend all of us were at my mom's house to watch conference, do an Easter Egg hunt and eat a delicious dinner.  With all the running around this was the scene during conference!

Emma and Andy and Eric

Audrey and Peter


Hopefully we absorbed something!

During the ride home everyone got a little punchy:

It's nice to be home, but I loved being there and I'm excited to be back down in two weeks to see my lovely Audrey graduate from BYU!

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