Sunday, April 26, 2015

What a week!

At the end of my life, this last week has to be in the top percentage of best weeks of my life!  

We left Utah on Tuesday afternoon and arrived uneventfully in Utah around 10:45.  First thing the next morning I got up and picked Audrey up from her apartment and we headed to the temple for her endowment session.  It was an amazing and beautiful time with my lovely daughter, one that is hard to find words that would adequately express my feelings.  

Audrey's roommates for the nearly the past 4 years of college.  They met as freshmen roommates in the dorms and have stayed close friends ever since.  It was nice to have them in the temple with Audrey.

Along with Audrey's roommates two more of her friends came and my sister Susie and her husband Byran.  

After we left the temple we gathered our family and headed to Carrabbas restaurant to have lunch to celebrate Audrey's graduation.  

Peter got pepperoni pizza and said it was "yucky".  He didn't like the sauce of gourmet pizza!  He got to sit next to Grandma.

Andy loved his food as did Eric

Lauren loves to have her picture taken!  We had a great time.

We finished the day at a wedding dress fitting for Lauren and doing some errands and slept at Grandma's house.  

Thursday was filled with lot's of errands as well.  I was able to get more mission stuff for Palmer.  He and Emma were did not come on this trip with us because they had a band competition they couldn't miss.  We all helped Audrey move out of her apartment and clean it.  She has been trying to sell her contract for Spring and Summer for months now and she finally had a girl come by to see it as we were cleaning and she decided to buy it!  What a relief!

Friday morning I again got up early and took Lauren to the temple for her endowments.  Again it was sweet and beautiful.  I got to sit between my two girls in the temple, what a blessing!

Lauren and Matt, see Lauren can take good pictures!

Matt and his mom and his sister Emily were able to come with us as well.

My sister Susie and her husband came to Lauren's session as well and it was great to have so much family in the temple.  

After the temple Brian dropped me and Audrey off on campus and she put on her cap and gown for graduation and we walked around campus and took some pictures.  

This is the building she worked in as a receptionist for the History department and where most of her classes were.

It was starting to get very windy!

This is inside the Joseph F. Smith building with it's amazing staircase.

We then walked to the Marriott Center and I went to find seats to save for everyone.  By a wonderful miracle I ran into our very good friends the Runyan's who we have known since Audrey was a baby who's daughter Sarah was graduating with her husband.  They live in North Carolina now and it was so wonderful to see them!!  I loved graduation, it was wonderful to hear them announce Audrey's name!  Woohoo!  By the time we got out it was freezing outside and raining!

Right before graduation in the Marriott Center

We are all huddled under the overhang trying not to be blown away by the wind!  My mom's hair is hilarious in this picture as well as Eric's face!

Random shot!

Lucy receiving a kiss from Lauren with Audrey's hat on!

After this we drove back to my mom's house, packed up the truck, ate sandwiches brought to us by my sister and started the drive back to Wyoming.  It rained on and off along the way until we hit South Pass.  We drove right into a blizzard around 11:00pm and it was awful!  Thankfully we made it through and got home just before 1:00am!  

I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of all these happenings.  I'm so happy for my daughters and so proud of them for their choices in life and for who they are becoming.  I enjoyed every minute with Lauren and Audrey and I love them so very much!  

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