Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pretty flowers!I

I have to admit I've never loved growing roses.  They are hard and thorny.  I hacked these plants down to the earth last fall and look how pretty they are now!

Snapdragons have always been my favorite flower and I love that they are growing next to our house!

I love this type of rose, wild and free!

This was a perfect blooming rose!

These seem almost like wild roses, maybe they are, I don't speak rose!

And our tree is fully leafed out!  

They say spring is very short lived here in Worland, but it is so nice to sit outside in the evening and not be hot and the mosquitoes aren't bad yet.  We turned our air conditioning on for the first time since last year today-how nice is that!

Lucy learned this magic trick and wanted me to film her so you all can see her expertise:

And I had to post these.  Andy was trying to teach everyone how to do the "worm".  Emma was determined to get it down, but we were laughing really hard!  Palmer got it pretty well.

First Andy illustrates

Emma's first attempt and Palmer gets a try

Emma's second attempt

Peter tries

And Lucy

We are all quite the talented family!

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