Monday, August 15, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 61

So sorry I didn't give any information last time about my kid or my trainee, but his name is Elder Powell, he is from Hesperia California, he's a ginger, we get a long really well, and he's here to work! So I can already tell we will have a great two transfers together!
Besides that things are going alright. It's always really disapointing to work with somebody so much, planning lessons for them, bringing members to their house, bearing your testimony and everything, just to see them throw it all away, like they didn't feel the spirit at all, but I know that's exactly how God feels about us a lot of the time, so there's no reason in getting too upset about it. But a cool thing we're trying to do as a companionship is we're trying to purify ourselves.
Basically the way we can be effective missionaries depends on how consegrated or purified we are to the work. So my companion and I are trying to purify ourselves by getting rid of every little thing we are doing that might distract us from the work. I know that this will really help us be more effective missionaries. I like to call it complete submission. If our desires are God's desires, there will be nothing stopping us from using His power 24/7.
Well we are working with a less active family that has started coming back to church. They have two kids that have not been baptized yet. We asked them to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. The next time we came back the little girl told me that she had received her answer. She told me that she had a dream, and an angel came to her and told her that the church is true. It seemed a little weird to me at first, but then I remembered how Jesus told us that we need to be like little children. I know this little girl was not doubting at all that she would receive an answer from God. It shows me that it's true how we need to become like little children, doubting nothing.
Anyway, besides from that, I'm loving it out here, now that I've got control over the language I really am creating some great friendships and meeting amazing people everyday. I love this work, and I love you guys too!

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