Monday, October 24, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 71

So we had the baptism of Jeffrey on Saturday! Sonia ended up not being able to get baptized on Saturday because she got sick, so she will get baptized this Saturday. But transfer calls came on Saturday and I'm finally leaving Barahona after having been here for 5 transfers (7 months). It's kind of a bitter-sweet moment because I love Barahona, it's definitely my favorite area so far. I've grown so close to the members, converts, and just my friends from the street. It's going to be really hard leaving to tomorrow. But the good thing is that I will be experiencing a brand new area! I hope it will give me more motivation to work harder. I finally get to see new streets, go to church in a new chapel, work with a new branch, and all of that fun stuff. But I will be going to Don Gregorio which is in the BanĂ­ zone.

Thank you all so much for all of the birthday wishes and for the video, that made me so happy! I didn't think that everybody would care so much about my birthday, but thank you guys all so much! But besides all that the work is going great, I've tried to keep working hard so that my son has people to prepare for baptism after I leave. I've been scrambling around all today and yesterday trying to say goodbye to everybody.

But thank you all again for everything you guys have done for me, it means so much! I love you all so much!
 Palmer's new area with the red marker.  It's quite a ways from Barahona which is on the very far left. 

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