Monday, November 21, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 75

So, Ibelize had her baptismal interview on Saturday and she is ready! She's amazing, on Sunday, in the class for investigators and recent converts we were talking about repentance. She talked about how she repented the other week by apologizing to her granddaughter, she was crying, she said that she felt like she couldn't get baptized with that burden on her chest and that now she feels relieved. I can't wait for her baptism, I know she is a real convert, and our branch is helping out a lot so there is a big chance that she will endure.

But since this week is thanksgiving I wanted to take advantage of this email to do exactly that, give thanks. I want to thank everybody. First mom and dad for being missionaries in the first place to set the best example for me and for being amazing parents. All my siblings for making my childhood fun, although I know I wasn't always the best brother, but you guys were great brothers and sisters to me, even though I didn't always show it. Thanks so much for being the best family ever. I love you all so much!

Here are some pictures of my district and my companion and I.

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