Monday, November 28, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 76

So, yes, Ibelize got baptized on Saturday! It was a great experience for her, she was very excited. Now we just have to make sure that we do every thing we can so that she stays active, that's the stressful part sometimes. But besides that this week has gone super well. At the beginning of my mission finding was the worst thing for me. It didn't like knocking on doors at all. Now I think I understand it a little bit more. I understand that if I'm not trying to find people constantly than I'm missing out on the blessings that The Lord has prepared for me and the person that needs the gospel stays in confusion and it's possible that their sins fall upon my head. Since I've gotten to this area I've just had that desire to go out and find those people.

In the baptism while people were changing we watched the video of the restoration, the short one that lasts 15 minutes or so. But when I was watching it, it had a different affect on me this time. It's because when the part came when God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith I imagined that it was me, that I was Joseph Smith and God and His Son came down and appeared to me, and talked to me ¨Calling me by name.¨ It meant a lot more to me when I watched it like that, I felt the spirit a lot stronger, and I really felt the love of God so strongly directly for me. I feel like we should always read the scriptures like that, like they are addressing us specifically, I feel like we can get more out of them like that.

But I hope you all had a great thanksgiving, it's weird seeing the table not all the way full. Oh and Happy Birthday Andy! Wow, 16 years old!


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