Monday, April 10, 2017

Elder Edholm -- week 94

So, some very sad news, our awesome golden investigator of Oliva has asked us to stop visiting her for now, I was heartbroken. She has been one of the best investigator's I've ever had, but I think it's partly because she has been having some problems with a certain member and she was sick, I think those things kind of discouraged her. But I haven't lost faith, I still have the hope that she will recognize that she needs the gospel in her life and change her mind.
So my companion Elder Aguilar is leaving tomorrow. It's kind of sad because we've spent so much time together, and we were working so well together. They informed me that I will be receiving Elder Kanongata'a, he's a tongan that I know really well and I'm super excited because we're good friends and I couldn't of asked for a better last companion because I'm going into my last transfer.
Other than that I have been pondering a lot about what I need to do so that this last transfer is my best one. I have been thinking a lot about charity. I know how everybody says that when you go on a mission that you need to love the people, and somebody can think that that's something simple and easy, but it's really not. When you go to a different country you experience a culture and a people that are so different than what you are used to that it's not easy to love them, you have to learn to love everybody, and not criticize them because they're different. Other than that most of our key indicators have been taken out so now a missionary could have two decisions, slack off because nobody sees their numbers now, or work for the love of God and the people. That's what I've found, now that nobody sees how many lessons with a member, references, contacts, etc. that I have I've realized that my motivation should be the love I have for this people and for my God.

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