Friday, August 1, 2014

It's Friday!

We met some members last night who came over to see us.  They live by the members we are staying with and he is one of the dentists in the town.  His 17 yr. old daughter came over with him.  They have 7 kids in their family.  He is the second counselor in the stake presidency. 

I spent the morning at the high school with the counselor.  Palmer and Emma got signed up for their classes.  Palmer got to meet the football coach and he took Palmer on a tour of the school.  Palmer wasn't sure if he wanted to play football again, but he has decided to do it.  He started this afternoon lifting weights with some of the players.

Palmer also spent some time today with a kid that wrestled at UVU.  He lives here in Worland and Brian had talked to him about Palmer a few weeks ago. He very kindly agreed to work with Palmer and help him improve in wrestling.  Palmer has been texting him and today I dropped him off at his house.  His name is Jordan and he and his girl friend and his little brother took Palmer to go shooting in the "badlands".  The badlands are just some empty fields south of town.  He was really nice to reach out and befriend Palmer.

While Palmer was out the rest of us went to the Washakie County Library.  We were able to get a library card even though we don't have a permanent address.  Everyone checked out books.  We went to the park and read for awhile.  Then we drove around a bit and found the fairgrounds where we will be going to the rodeo tonight. 

No progress in the house arena.  I feel frustrated because I want to work toward something instead of "waiting" to see what shows up.  I can deal with stress a whole lot better when I'm actively doing something to relieve it.  There are about 15 houses for sale that would work for us, but getting a mortgage is going to take awhile, months maybe.  The perfect scenario would be a rent to own situation, but they are non-existent here.  And there is still nothing to rent that has more than 2 bedrooms.  If we choose the house that the members own to rent we won't even be able to move all our furniture into the house because it is so small.  Much of our stuff would stay in storage.  I should feel relieved that at least that is an option, but I thought we would at least be in something larger than our previous home, not smaller.

The weather here is really nice, low 80's.  It should be nice for the rodeo tonight and for the parade tomorrow.

Until then.......


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