Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cheerleading is over

Cheerleading is officially over!  Our boys basketball team made it to the finals at state on Saturday night.  They lost to Buffalo in double overtime by one basket.  It was pretty heartbreaking for them.  Especially since the last time the Worland boys basketball team won state was in 1921!  Emma had a great time as a cheerleader, there was some drama, but a lot less than I expected.  Here they all are at the Casper Events Center this last week:

Emma is on the far left

Now that cheerleading and wrestling is over (at least for Andy and Palmer, Eric and Peter still have their wrestling until the end of April) track is in full swing.  Palmer is not participating, but Emma and Andy are.  Andy is thinking about doing the triple jump and Emma is running long distance.

Palmer got his FBI clearance application in the mail yesterday.  I took him to the police station so he could get his fingerprints.  Then I have to get a new birth certificate for him when I got to Utah on Thursday and mail it all in.  The mission to do list is getting shorter!

Brian and Lucy made a "Leprachaun trap" last night.  It was a school assignment and turned out really cute!  Lucy loved working with dad and is very proud of her trap!

Audrey flew into Kansas City late last night.  I hope she has a great visit with all her Kansas friends.  My great friend Traci will be taking her pictures for her college graduation while she is out there visiting her old roommates.  Traci does a great job and I'm sure they will turn out awesome!!!

It looks like snow today, I hope for the last time this winter.  Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!  We had our Irish dinner on Sunday--corned beef and colcannon.  We have to eat corned beef once year whether we like it or not (which is mostly an or not!).

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