Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday thoughts....

I had my first meeting with the stake young women's girls camp board this morning.  The stake young women's president is in my ward and just lives around the corner from me.  It is very apparent how much she loves the girls and wants to help them be their best.  I think this is her 12th year at camp!  I get to be in charge of certification at camp, according to Audrey, that's the "boring" part of camp!  I don't mind at all, it doesn't involve any creativity so it's right down my alley!

I am playing the organ in sacrament meeting now since the organist was part of the ward that was taken to create the new 3rd ward.  That means there is no one to lead the music, since that was my job, so I get to ask people.  Emma and Palmer are alternating for the month of March and in April I have another young woman who will do it for the whole month.  We also lost a half of the people who came to choir practice, but we asked some young women to come and that has helped.

As I was sitting in the chapel during sacrament meeting today I felt gratitude.  I'm happy to be here, more specifically in the Worland 2nd ward.  I truly feel apart of this ward and feel a great affection for the members.  Amidst all the things going on in my life with my family [graduations, marriage, mission] and my callings [stake girls camp board, 2nd counselor in RS, ward music chairman (which includes the organ/chorister and ward choir/accompanist)] I don't feel stressed or worn out or exhausted.  I only feel good.  My family is good.  My life is good.

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