Saturday, March 14, 2015

Wedding dress.....

And the winner is......

She went back on Tuesday with my mom and sister and Audrey and decided on this gorgeous dress!  She looks amazing in it.  She won't have the belt that is on it and will not wear a veil either.  She will be a beautiful bride--my little Lauri she's all grown up, but I still remember this little girl:

We tackled our front yard today.  Brian didn't have to go into work today for a change so we took the kids that were home (Andy and Peter) and raked up all the leaves that have been under feet of snow for 3 months, cut down bushes, cleaned out flower beds and swept the walks.  It looks soooo much better!  I'm sure Palmer and Emma (who are in Casper for the state basketball tournament, Emma for cheerleading and Palmer for the band), Eric (at a scout snow day in the mountains), and Lucy (at Fiona's) are all disappointed they didn't get to help!  Now we are ready for it to snow one last time before it can be officially spring.

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