Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Eric and Peter wrestle

Eric and Peter had their first wrestling tournament on Saturday in Thermopolis.  Palmer took them since I was in Utah and Brian had to work.  He did a great job coaching them both and being an awesome brother!  Eric came in 4th in his weight class. (There were only 4 guys in his weight class and he lost every match, but it was his first time and he got a ribbon!)  There were a lot of little boys in Peter's weight class.  He lost 2 and won 2 matches.  They wrestle in Greybull on Saturday and then there are only two more tournaments and the season is over.  Peter seems to like it and Eric goes along with it, but they are both getting better.  The coach is very encouraging to both of them.

Emma is gone this entire week.  She is in Cheyenne for the state FCCLA competition.  Between cheerleading, band, drama, and FCCLA I think she has been to nearly every city in Wyoming!  Palmer leaves on Friday for Laramie for a University of Wyoming jazz festival where the high school jazz band is participating.

Andy has his first track meet on Saturday and thankfully it's at home!  He will be doing the triple jump and hurdles.

Brian and I were going to be in Billings this Friday and Saturday for a conference put on by one of Bloedorn's suppliers, but we decided to stay home because of all the things that are going on this weekend.  With Palmer and Emma gone it was going to be difficult getting the boys to Greybull and Andy really wanted us to watch his track meet.  So we are dividing and conquering, Brian to Greybull and me to the track meet and Lucy gets to choose which one she wants to go to.

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