Monday, March 23, 2015

Bridal shower in Utah

Another trip to Utah accomplished!  Emma, Lucy, and I left on Thursday afternoon and stayed through Sunday.  Audrey and Susie gave Lauren a kitchen bridal shower on Saturday afternoon.  It was a great success with lots of relatives that I haven't seen in awhile attending.  Lauren got some nice things including a set of dishes that belonged to my Grandma McCoy that Lynette, my cousin, gave her.

While we were in Utah Audrey and I were able to buy her temple dress and temple clothes in preparation for when she attends the temple in April.  She looked beautiful in the temple dress and I'm excited for her to go through the temple for the first time!

Emma and Lucy got to spend some sister time with Audrey and Lauren and even spent the night at Audrey's apartment.

Audrey had a grand time in Kansas with her friends.  I picked her up at the airport on Friday afternoon and got to spend some time in Salt Lake by myself before her plane came in.  That was a rare experience!  I had to take Palmer's birth certificate to the Lt. Governor's office to be authenticated for his FBI application that he needs done before he can get his VISA.  After I got that done I noticed that I had filled a part of the FBI application out wrong!  I was really hesitant to send it in to the church if something wasn't right and thus delay Palmer's VISA.  So since I was in downtown Salt Lake I went over to the Church Office Building and talked to the people at the front desk.  They got me security clearance to go up to the 14th floor and talk to the girl who is assigned to Palmer's VISA.  She said it was all good and I handed the paper work off to her.  I'm glad I was able to double check that it was all correct while I happened to be in Utah!

I walked around Temple Square and City Creek Center to kill sometime before I went to get Audrey.  It was beautiful with the spring flowers and sunshine and I couldn't help smile as I walked around and observed the missionaries talking with many people in many languages and saw the wedding parties around the temple taking pictures.  I decided to take a few pictures myself:

Salt Lake Temple

Assembly Hall

Salt Lake Temple

Another view of the Assembly Hall

The spring flowers were lovely, too bad this picture doesn't have "smell ability", their aroma was wonderful.

The Christus in the North Visitors Center

A view of the temple through the second floor of the North Visitors Center

And again, the temple

A view of the temple across from the reflecting pool

The drive wasn't too bad, although I'm tired today.  Emma was a big help driving, I even felt confidant enough while she was driving to close my eyes!  I decided to invest in a portable DVD player for the long car rides.  It was the best decision!  Lots less whining in the car.

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