Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lot's of news to report today!

Brian and I got to go to Casper Friday and Saturday to the state wrestling meet.  We took Andy with us since Emma was already there with the cheer squad.  Our friends, the Stott's,  let Peter, Lucy, and Eric stay overnight with them.  I've never been to Casper before so I was excited to see a new city.  It took us about 2 and a half hours to get there.  The city is very spread out and seems like it should have more people than it does.

Palmer lost his first match at the state meet which put him into the wrestlebacks.  In order to place he had to win three more matches.  He won his next one on Friday.  Saturday came and Brian and I were so nervous for him!  It was his goal to place in state and two more wrestlers stood in his way.  Both Brian and I were praying so hard for him!  He pinned both his guys!  I was so happy I almost started crying!  Now he was guaranteed a place.  If he won the next match he would wrestle for 3rd and 4th, if he lost he would wrestle for 5th and 6th.  He ended up losing both, which disappointed him, especially the last one, but he placed in state!!

Emma did a great job of cheering and it was fun to watch her, she looked so cute!  Here are a couple of highlights of the two days:

152 weight class winners, Palmer is on the right.

I love this pretty picture of Emma!

Palmer during one of the matches

The boys!

Emma, the cutest cheerleader!

Here is the video of Palmer receiving his medal.  Yes that's Emma giving it to him!

Today we had a very special Sacrament meeting at church.  Two weeks ago we got the okay from the First Presidency to form a 3rd Worland ward.  The Worland Stake was created in 1980 with 6 ward units and hasn't changed for 35 years.  We've finally reached enough numbers to qualify for the creation of another ward.  Both wards met together this morning and we only had sacrament meeting.  We got to see the new ward boundaries and then listened as many people were released and many people were called including the new bishopric.  It was a very neat experience for me and I felt the Spirit very strongly.  Many members who have been here since the creation of the stake were dreading this, they would be separated from friends and family members.  However, the feeling there was one of love and excitement and courage to go forward with the new assignments.  Our family will stay in the 2nd ward, we were not impacted very much.  Brian kept all his Young Men Presidency and we lost very few youth.  I get to stay with my visiting teaching companion and all 5 of our sisters we visit.  We didn't have any members added to our ward.  This is an exciting time for us here in Worland, we will have the opportunity to reach out to more people and bring those back who have stopped attending.  Next Sunday we will again only have sacrament meeting as many organizations will have to restaff positions.  I feel very blessed to have moved here and to be involved in this work of salvation here in Worland.  The stake president said that the final piece of this puzzle was put in place as this summer many large families moved into the ward.  This desire to form a new ward has been many years in the making and I know now another reason we moved up here.  It's humbling to know that we are part of the Lord's plan for the growth here in this small section of his vineyard.

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