Monday, February 15, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 36

Hey everyone, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it went well for you guys because Valentine's Day down here is just another excuse to drink all day long, haha. But I'm sending some cool stuff back with that guy to you guys, I hope you guys all like it!

So we're definitely gonna have to baptisms on the 27th of February! I'm pretty sure about them. One is Pablo that I've been talking about, and he is just doing great! The other one is Kendri and he's 13 years old. He wasn't taking us very seriously, like he was joking around a lot in the lessons, and just being kind of inappropriate. I talked to my mission president about it, and he basically told me that if he wasn't gonna take us seriously, than we shouldn't teach him. So for the next visit we sat down and talked very frankly with him. I told him that if he keeps joking around and not taking us seriously that we can't baptize him or continue to pass by. I told him that we're not the teachers, that the Holy Ghost is the teacher, and if we're not serious we can't learn anything.

It was interesting how the spirit was so strong with me when I was talking with him, and that really the spirit doesn't only work to help people feel good, but also works to help people notice what they're doing wrong. It really worked though because now he is very serious with us and his baptismal date is set for the 27th of February.

But, not much more to say this week besides that we're working really hard here in Villa Altagracia, Elder Varela and I are really learning how to work together better because when he first arrived we really had some challenges as far as how to work together because we worked really differently, but it's just really cool to see how people can really work things out, not matter the differences that they have.

Love you guys!

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