Monday, February 29, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 38

So the two baptisms we had planned went through! And they both showed up the next day to get the gift of the holy ghost and to receive the priesthood, I might have the chance to come back in a year and see Pablo and his wife get sealed in the temple! That would be an awesome experience! But another cool thing is that my companion told me that after the baptism Pablo was talking to the bishop and told him that he was gonna get a new job because he didn't like how his current job didn't let him come to church sometimes. Just hearing things second hand like that makes me so happy and shows that we kind of did our job as missionaries helping the people be converted before getting baptized.
So we have this awesome family that we are teaching, but only the two little girls have been going to church, they told us that they tried to wake up their brother to go to church with them and he said that he's not gonna go to church until his dad goes to church. The only that's stopping the whole family from getting baptized is the dad exercising a little faith and going to church with his kids. If he goes, I'm sure his whole family would go too. It really taught me about the influence parents have on their kids, although he's a great dad and always reads, if he doesn't go to church, his son and his wife aren't gonna go. It really shows how far teaching by example goes.
Well anyway here is a picture of the baptism. From left to right is me, Pablo, Kendry, Elder Varela, and the bishop. Elder Varela baptized Kendry, and the bishop baptized Pablo.
But that's about it for this week, glad all is going well, and that Worland did well in wrestling
Love you guys!

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