Monday, February 22, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 37

So I got the package this week! I never actually met the guy, but I did meet his brother, and he's a really cool guy. But there was so much great stuff in there that I needed. I probably won't run out of food for a month! But thank you guys so much for that! Oh, and the carpet I'm guessing was my surprise, and it's awesome! I remember saying that I missed carpet, and I do, but that was a pretty cool thing to get, I'm always putting it in my face and scrunching my feet in it, it's amazing! But I sent back not nearly as much as you guys sent me, but I sent some cool stuff that I hope you'll all enjoy!
But the two baptisms that we had planned are gonna happen! Pablo and Kendry were both interviewed on Saturday and we have to review some stuff, but the baptism is going to happen. I have to say, the best thing about being a missionary is watching the change in people, and feeling good about it because you know that you were a part of that change!
But anyway, I'll send you guys a picture of the baptism next week! We are also working with a couple families that are progressing, and they're great families too they're "golden families" as we call it here on the mission, but not too much to report this week I hope everything's going well, Worland's gonna take state in wrestling! Oh and by the way when does Peter start wrestling? Did it already start?
Love you guys!
Elder Edholm

Picture texted me from the man that brought Palmer his package.

This is an explanation of Palmer's surprise package.  There is a family that moved into our ward here in Worland just this last December.  I found out talking to the mom that her husband is from the Dominican Republic and that he goes back there often.  In an amazing coincidence that has become a wonderful blessing this man grew up one hour north of the city Palmer is serving in.  He was able to take a package to him that practically cost me nothing!  Palmer's birthday package cost me over $75 and took about 8 or 9 weeks to get there.  This was hand delivered to him!  I can't express how grateful I am for this act of service for Palmer and for us.  I felt badly he didn't get a Christmas gift and this more than makes up for it!

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