Saturday, July 16, 2016

More pics from our last few weeks

 While the others were in San Francisco Lucy and Peter were trying to find ways to keep cool in Utah.  I found this pool that I used when I was their age, yes it's over 40 years old!  It was a little rusty, but we washed it out and Lucy and Peter had fun!

Brian drove Audrey to L.A. on July 2nd to help her get moved in as she starts her Masters of English teaching at Bard College.  They stopped in Chinatown and Brian took this picture to email to Palmer.  Jackie Chan has always been Palmer's hero since he was very little.  He was impressed and a little jealous that he wasn't there as well.
Chinatown in L.A.

More pictures from the San Francisco trip.

Fisherman's Wharf

The city and a shot of the crookedest street in America, Lombard Street.

Golden Gate Bridge

Pizza eatin'  My Uncle Herb, who is the world's best tour guide, is on the end with the hat.

San Francisco
The view from the ferry

When they got back Andy got to hold Van.  He had a slight cold when he was born and didn't want to infect him.  Andy's hands are as big as Van's head!

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