Monday, July 11, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 56

So anyway this week wasn't the best just do to the kidney stones that my companion is passing. It looks pretty painful and I'm just glad I haven't gotten those yet. But there was one cool experience we had a couple weeks ago that I forgot to tell you guys about. So we are teaching this girl named Sonia and her son Albert who are both getting baptized on the 30th. But she was telling us that before she used to go to the pentecostal church or something like that where they dance and scream and say that that's the Holy Ghost. And she was always so confused. She said that she never felt the Holy Ghost, but that she wanted to feel it. Then when she started attending our church she learned that the Holy Ghost isn't like that. That instead it's a still small voice that talks to us through our feelings like love, peace, comfort, relief, things like that. And she finally understood and said that she has felt the spirit now, and she testified of that to her 9 year old son. I'm really excited for her.
Anyway, cool stuff that has happened. The light left two nights ago so we slept without a fan and I almost died from the heat. Today we went down to a really nice hotel and ate at a buffet for breakfast. It was amazing. I've never seen a buffet in this country, it was a beautiful site. I ate so much. My staff infection is pretty much gone, thank goodness!!! I'm so sick of skin problems. We were teaching this girl and she started arguing with us about weird things and at the end she just said all of the same things that we had been saying the whole time. And we just sat there asked her ¨sooooo.... why were you just arguing with us?¨ and we kind of just laughed, it was pretty funny. Ummm we got about 4 people getting ready to get baptized on the 30th, We are gonna do everything we can to get them ready for that date.
But anyway, everything is good down here, hot as normal, killing cockroaches and sweeping up maggots in the house, haha. Oh yeah, the other day I saw a cockroach longer than my middle finger, I just kind of slowly passed by so it didn't eat me. Oh also there is this moth as big as my two hands that won't leave our house, Lauren would probably start crying if she saw it, plus I've seen bigger.
Well, love you guys!
-God's Army

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