Monday, December 5, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 77

So Christmas is finally coming around and I love the thing that the church is doing about lighting the world in 25 days in 25 ways. We're trying to do it as a mission, plus the cards really help to give to everybody so they can see the video. It's probably the best way to proselyte this time of the year. Since Christmas isn't really that big of a thing here, it's a good thing to do so that people can understand what Christmas is really about and what they should be doing instead of just sitting in the street drinking.

Anyway Elder Florentino is going home tomorrow which is a big shame because we had an awesome transfer together. I think I've probably learned more from him than from any other companion I've had about doctrine and how to teach more effectively. But that's ok because he lives super close and he'll be coming back in a couple weeks to visit again. It was cool to see how much love he had for all the people he's taught. He cried the last visit we had with Ibelize, so that's something I've learned from him as well.

Besides that I'm hoping to start preaching even more effectively with my new companion, helping people understand the true meaning of Christmas.

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