Monday, July 10, 2017

Utah week

We spent a week in Utah which included the 4th of July.  My sister and I went through a lot of stuff at my mom's house to get it ready to sell.  My mom collected some amazing things and we had a good time reminiscing.

This is from the dedication of the grave from my Mom's funeral.  My brother-in-law, Bryan, took it.
Emma got her mission call before we left -- Scotland/Ireland Mission!  She leaves for the England MTC on November 29th.
Balloon fest on July 3rd, an Edholm tradition!

Wyoming followed us to Utah - a balloon from Riverton!

This is us riding down to Utah in an non air-conditioned van!

Van (in the middle) got to meet two of his second cousins, Courtney's son Jaden on the left and Becca's daughter Carolina on the right.  They are all a month or so apart in age.

Brian got to catch up with two of his roommates from BYU days.  Jim Campbell on the left and Gary Gibb on the right.

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