Monday, October 5, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 17

Well conference weekend was pretty good. I had to watch general conference in Spanish, so I didn´t understand everything, but I understood a good amount. I felt like a huge theme of this conference was just keeping the commandments and obedience, and then I loved how Elder Bednar ended it all. But I didn´t really get to see much of the first session because they tried to play it at our chapel, but we ended up only seeing like 10 minutes of it due to internet problems. That´s ok though because I intend to reread all of them once we get the conference ensign.
So I am staying with my trainer for his last transfer in the mission. We are getting a Dominican in our house which means we can only speak Spanish in our house which should be good because my Spanish will improve a lot, but I´m glad my training is finally over now. We keep having to push our baptismal dates back because our investigators aren´t coming to church, which isn´t good, we need to find some way to fix that.
We got a reference for this one guy. He started going to like a psychiatrist or something, and he referred him to us. He´s super cool, and always follows up on reading assignments, he accepted to being baptized, and hopefully that will stay firm.
Well I´m glad all of you guys are doing good, I pray for each of you guys evryday, and it´s good to hear that Emma went to homecoming, and that Worland beat Cody! And won their homecoming game! Nobody said anything about that, I need details. But how is Peter and Eric doing as well? I´ve really come to appreciate general conference more, I´m glad you guys enjoyed it!
Till next week

Here is a picture of our house:

Here is our kitchen, probably the worst kitchen in the whole world, I'm not even kidding.

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