Monday, October 26, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 20

Well my birthday went alright. My companion got two giant packages form his grandma right on his birthday all filled with food, and we´ve been (or mostly him) enjoying that. But a less active gave us cake on my birthday and it´s tradition here on birthdays to wipe frosting on each others noses, and they made us do that so we had fun with that.
But also we have an investigator named Frank, and at first he wasn´t progressing much, but now he has come to church twice, and to baptize people on our mission if they´re adults they have to come to church at least four times, and I think this is a baptismal date we have that will actually happen, which is a huge blessing to us because we have had a lot of baptismal dates fall through.
Also we had a less active come back to church yesterday which was awesome because her two little kids really want to be baptized and we can´t baptize them unless we reactivate the mom, and that was really great to see the mom at church yesterday. But it´s definitely not easy for her to come to church. She has to walk about 25 minutes on really busy streets with three little kids, which really makes her nervous, but I know that her coming to church will strengthen her faith.
Thanks for all of the happy birthday letters and everything!

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