Monday, October 19, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 19

Well I had another great week this week. We went on companionship exchanges with the zone leaders, I went with Elder Mejia to his area and my comp stayed in our area with Elder Hodges. Elder Mejia is from Peru, and he knows some English and can understand English, but we just spoke Spanish the whole time. I really learned a lot from him, he´s a great person, and a great missionary. One big thing I learned is that gossip is really big in our zone, and some bad things have been gossiped about Elder Mejia, and we talked about that. I guess we are really quick to judge when we hear gossip before actually learning if it´s true or not because our zone leaders have just gotten destroyed by other missionaries because they were trying to be good leaders. Basically I learned that gossip is pointless and isn´t going to help anybody with anything. Because talking about peoples problems isn´t going to help them fix their problems. We need to know that they are trying to repent and fix things. We each have our own problems that we need to focus on because that is much more important than talking about the problems of others. That hit me very strongly.
Another thing was that I forgot to fast last fast sunday, but was able to yesterday after having gained that insight, and fasting about it just re-emphasized everything I learned, it was really great.
My companion and I are continuing to work hard, but still really aren´t seeing much success. There is this lady that could get reactivated by next week though. She is pretty much the last person we thought would get reactivated because my companion has been in this area for over six months, working with her the whole time, never really seeing anything happen, and right when we were about to give up on her, she came to church, which was a huge shock. But I guess miracles happen everyday.
´Till next week

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