Monday, October 12, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 18

Well first off, sorry if my emails aren´t exactly what you want. It´s just that every time I start writing these emails I forgot everything that happened during the week.

But it´s really cool to hear that mom has been helping out the missionaries, we love it when members say they´re going to help us, and then follow through with it. A lot of times members will tell us that they´re going to leave with us, and that they´ll meet us somewhere, and we wait there for twenty minutes before we decide that they´re not coming.

We finally have an investigator that is coming to church, he came yesterday and I´m pretty confident that he´ll come back. It´s just a longer process for our mission because it´s a rule that to baptize an adult they have to come to church four times. But that´s good because it shows that they´re really ready. I really learned the importance of studying with members. For a long time the president has been stressing doing companionship study with members, and we finally did that yesterday with a couple that´s been members for about 20 years, that´s pretty long for out here. But I gained a lot of insight I wouldn´t have if we didn´t do that study.

Our mission president came to our ward yesterday. He basically told us to start doing those companionship studies with members more because he knows that they work, but we have a really strong ward, and he was really impressed with that, the chaple was filled to the brim. It´s really nice when you´re always doing the right thing. Because I know missionaries that will start being really obedient right before interviews just to tell president that they´ve been being obedient. Which isn´t horrible, they´re still being obedient, but really we´re trying to impress God, not our mission president, or our bishop, or even the prophet because they´re all just men directed by God.

But it´s good to see Andy scoring touchdowns and Lucy being the best volleyball player on her team. Also good to see Peter and Eric still being best friends and having good times together. And I hope that essay went okay for Emma.

´Till next week

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