Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day and talking with Elder Edholm

What a wonderful thing to see and talk to Palmer today!  He had told us he would call at 1:00, but didn't get through until 1:45.  We got to talk for 2 whole hours!  His companion even said hi to us, although he only speaks Spanish and couldn't understand us very well!  Palmer is doing really well.  His baptisms last Saturday went well and he and his companion are teaching a lot of people.  He said that Christmas day there  isn't a big deal for many of the Dominicans.  He said most of the people just drink all day.  They went caroling this morning and he said many people were already drunk!  He looks happy and that makes me happy!

Christmas Eve we opened our Christmas jammies from Grandma:

They are a little slap happy!

Christmas was wonderful and I'm sad to see it leave us!

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