Monday, December 14, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 27

So the two daughters of Ana Iris were interviewed on Saturday, and this baptismal date is actually going to go through!!! I'm so excited!!! Their names are Lizbeth and Albelina, and Albelina asked me to baptize her!! It's so exciting to finally have a baptism!

Christmas time is a really cool time, especially on the mission, but in a different sense. I've never felt closer to my Savior than I have here on my mission, and for that I really am starting to understand Christmas better, and people. We've been handing out Christmas cards that say A Savior is Born, and I am really starting to understand the real meaning of Christmas. I have really started to treasure the scriptures a lot more, especially the testimonies of the prophets, they're just so strong, and I really feel the holy ghost when I read them.

But it's also really cool to see people open up to us more during this time of the year. When we give a random person a card on the street I really see a change in them. Even though they don't call us back or anything I leave knowing that I helped someone feel the spirit, and that makes it all worth it.

Anyway, I can't wait until I get to call you guys on Christmas because that is the next time I will be talking to you because their is no p-day next monday because it's changed to Christmas. Anyway, I love you all!!

-Elder Edholm

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