Monday, December 7, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 26

Well we had another great, work filled week this week. I've really learned to love working hard out here on the mission. I've learned that I can't control if I have success or not, but what I can control is how hard I work, and I've learned that working hard feels a lot better than sitting inside and doing nothing.

The cool thing is that our ward has really started helping us out a lot. We've really received a lot of referrences the past couple of weeks which have turned out to be awesome people. When I was younger I didn't know that I could personally give a referrence to the missionaries, and I think that was a problem. We've really tried to get it in to the member's heads that we want to teach their friends and family that aren't members. And I really think it's working.

It's really cool to see after how hard you've worked to see that invesigator that you have come to love actually come to church, it's probably the best feeling ever! I think we will actually have some baptisms before Christmas. There is this lady named Ana Iris, and she was a less active, but she started coming to church with her two daughters who haven't been baptized, and she just had her interview to be reactivated and now her two daughters have a baptismal date for the 19th!

I know that I won't always have success, and that I need to have patience when I don't because I know people are prepared, but maybe they aren't ready right away to go to church and be baptized. Anyway, it's crazy that I've been out here for six months now! I hope Lauren has a boy, and names him after me! I also hope that the basketball thing works out ok!

-Love you all!

-Elder Edholm

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