Monday, January 4, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 30

Well we got transfers right after Christmas and Elder Solis left to San Juan which is way far west, but we had a great time together as companions. We were both really young and we learned a lot together. I think we were only together for one transfer because we had such a good companionship.

So I got Elder Varela. He is from Honduras and he is from the same group as Elder Solis. But a new transfer is always good because for me it gives me a new chance to start over and just have a new fire to work hard again. 

I really do so the fruits of being obedient and working hard because we have found a couple of new people that I really feel good about that I don't think we would've found if we weren't being obedient and working hard.

Today we went to the Nobles's house, there was an activity there, but they are a really cool family. They have been members for 50 years! That is just unheard of in this country. They have lived in the states for a lot of years. He worked at the Kansas City Royals baseball stadium for like 12 years. But there house was really cool. It's really far out there, but they've got like a river in their backyard, and they have a pool table in their house! Brother Nobles is really good and he taught me a lot.

But I don't know if I've told you guys about Pablo. Pablo was a referrence from the ward. He is the husband of a member, and we started teaching him about six weeks ago and he is progressing really well. The only thing is that we can only teach him like two times a week, but he has a baptismal date for January 30th, and that should go through.

But everything is going well here and it was cool to talk to you guys last week, hope you guys had a good new years too!

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