Monday, January 11, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 31

I really learned a lot this week. It was very interesting being still the beginning of the transfer and still learning how to get around my area by myself. I learned that I need to plan our visits better because our area is really big and I was putting visits right next to each other that were like on the complete opposite sides of our area, and I think that's why we weren't able to see as many people this week, but it really just taught me that the spirit comes with good organization.
We got a referrence a little while back from our ward mission leader, and his name is Julio. He is a really cool guy, right from the beginning he told us that he has some LDS friends and he really likes the example that they are to him and the life-style they had which really just told me that as members of this church we have to teach by example because who knows who is watching you and who knows who will get converted because of the example you set.
But he kind of failed us a little bit at first, wasn't in his house, didn't come to church, but we were persistent with him because we had a good feeling about him. He came to church yesterday and he is following up with his commitments. He told us how much he liked church and intends to keep on coming.
That was a big blessing because the week wasn't going at all how I wanted it, but the Lord teaches us lessons in many different ways, but it's really cool to see the fruits of being obedient, working with members and the ward, and living the missionary schedule.
Hope school is going good for everyone! Talk to you guys next week!
-Elder Edholm

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