Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Elder Edholm--week 32

Well life goes on! My goal on my mission has been to never get sick, and so far I've been doing pretty good with that, but we'll see because I'm not feeling so great today. I've found out this week that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ really do love everybody.
We were teaching this recent convert named Maria and I'm pretty sure she was just baptized because she was in love with the missionary that taught her (Sometimes missionaries really frustrate me) but ever since that certain missionary left she hasn't come to church. So we were teaching her the other day and I really just felt so much love for her and her kids and made me not want to give up on her because just because she hasn't been doing the right things doesn't mean that God hates her or gives us a reason to give up on her and never see her again. But that really if you let him, God change you a ton! I definitely feel a lot more love for the people here now than I did before, I also learned that it's not easy to love the people. So many people told me before my mission and in the MTC to just love the people, and I thought ok, easy enough, but it's definitely NOT EASY!!! Because I know that God didn't ever make it easy to did that because learning to love the people teaches you patience, humility, Charity, and so many other Christlike Attributes.
But anyway, the work is going good, Elder Varela and I are working really hard together. Doing the menial things is key I found also like contacting, it really is not fun at all, but that's how you find new people to teach. Or sometimes just getting up on time is hard and Satan wants you to think that not obeying the small commandments doesn't matter, but really you are either obedient or disobedient, there is no in between.
Anyway hope everything goes alright, and that Andy gets better!
Talk to you next week!
-Elder Edholm

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