Monday, January 25, 2016

Elder Edholm--week 33

So Elder Maynes came to the mission this week which was really cool! He is really good speaker. He is from the presidency of the 70. But he really focused on finding people and talked a lot about that which I really liked and found really interesting. Even better, after that my companion was a later more willing to go contacting, but we call it finding now. He talk about having more faith than fear, how when we're finding people we need to have a little more faith than fear.

But it's been really cool to see my companion's progress after interview's with the president and the conference with Elder Maynes he has really improved a lot and we are working a lot more effectively!

I'm really short on time today, but I got my card working and here is the pic of the baptism we had.

I'll talk more next week!

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