Monday, April 25, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 46

So we had Esmailin's baptism on Saturday, it was really great. The bad thing is that the internet center that I'm at doesn't let me send pictures so I will go to a better one next week to send the baptismal pictures. Her grandpa baptized here. The coolest part was that after she received the Holy Ghost on Sunday she told us that she felt something in her heart when they put their hands on her head, like something changed in her heart. It was really cool to hear that because she's only nine years old and she can already recognize the promptings from the Holy Ghost.

Besides that we have another investigator that I think is gonna stick with his baptismal date for May 7th. The only problem is that he has told us that he doesn't have problems with a certain commandment, but we just feel that he does, and we don't know how to get him to confess it to us.

But to answer mom's questions. When I got transferred a member gave us a ride to a chaple in the capital, that took about an hour and a half with traffic. From there there is a bus that takes all of the missionaries going to the south. I got on that and rode it for three hours until I got to Azua, then I took another bus that took me to Barahona that took about an hour. But we do not always have running water, we actually don't have water more than we do. That's why a lot of houses in this country have tinakus on top of the houses, which are just giant tanks that you fill up when there's water and it distributes water to the bathroom. I have not had to hand wash my clothes because luckily in the part of Barahona where I'm living there is 24 hour electricity, which is super rare. I have not had to take bucket showers, but I did take a lot of bucket showers in my first house. And this house is probably the best house I've lived in yet even though there's an infestation of cockroaches in our house. And yes, every companionship has a phone.

But anyway, can't wait to talk to you guys on Mother's Day!

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