Monday, September 12, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 65

So I'm can't write a super long email today. But I have found out that the supposed thugs from the street are actually really open to receiving the gospel. This last Sunday we had three ¨thugs¨ in church and they really enjoyed it and are really receiving the message well. I also met another one in one of the other missionaries area that is about to get baptized that one would think is a huge thug, but I could see how much the Atonement of Jesus Christ had worked in him. But I'm now starting to see some success after dropping lots of investigators and basically just starting all the way over.

Besides that we are going to the temple in about two weeks!! YAY! And I'm going into my fifth transfer here in Barahona!!! I will be here for 7 and a half months!! I'm gonna really have to force myself to keep on working hard in the same area I've been in forever. But it's actually a huge blessing too because I would say that this is the defining point of my mission.

Anyway tell little van I love him, and boy is Eric skying! I hope that Andy isn't taller than me yet!

Love you guys!

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