Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day

We decided to not sit home and do nothing on Labor Day today.  We got up early and drove a little over two hours to Sixth Crossing, which is the site of the Willie Handcart rescue.  We met another family from our ward there which was an awesome coincidence.  The kids all pulled and pushed handcarts and Andy showed us where he camped when he went on Trek last year.  We saw a mom Moose and her baby and a giant crane.  There is a brand new visitor center there and it is really nice.  We watched a movie about the Willie handcart company and got the tour from one of the missionaries there.  It was really powerful for me, I felt the spirit of sacrifice those pioneers had and felt the importance of what they did. 

From there we went on another hour to Martin's Cove.  This site is much bigger than Sixth Crossing and has more buildings and things to see.  We didn't have as much time to spend here since we had to get back for Andy to go to football practice.  We saw Devil's Gate and Split Rock Mountain.  We really wished we would have had time to hike to Martin's Cove, which is about 30 minutes by foot passed the Visitor Center.  There is where many of the pioneers are buried and on the Sweetwater River bank the church has put up 4 large statues of young men representing the four young men who carried most of the Martin company across the Sweetwater.  We will definitely need to go back.

This is the Sweetwater River at Sixth Crossing.  It's called Sixth Crossing because that's how many times the Pioneers had to cross the Sweetwater by the time they got to this spot and were rescued.  This is near the spot we saw the moose and her baby and the crane.

This is a shot from the Visitors Center at Sixth Crossing looking out toward the Sweetwater River.

This is Martin's Cove and Lucy and Peter thought they were funny pretending to be a part of the statue!

Lucy really liked the handcarts and wanted to push them all day long!

The wind was REALLY blowing hard!

I have to sneak photos of Andy, he doesn't like me to take them.
It was a great time today and well worth the 6 hour round trip!

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