Monday, September 19, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 66

So I received the best email of my mission from my mission president today. It was an email telling me that he interviewed the Espinosa Family and that they are going to get baptized on the 24th. I was so very happy in that moment to see that that family is finally getting baptized. I truly grew to love that family. They endured through many tough trials that came their way to keep them from getting baptized and they're finally making this covenant with The Lord. It truly makes so happy to see that I was able to follow the promptings that the spirit sent me to invite the spirit into their hearts.

Besides that our investigator Jeffrey is doing really great. He works every single day including Sundays. But he likes the church so much that he is willing to leave his work for a couple hours on Sunday to go to church. He still has a little bit to go but he is making great progress. He was really excited to get his Book of Mormon. 

It's also really cool to see how people progress once they are faced with the reality that we can't keep teaching them if they don't go to church. That happened to us this last week with a partial family we are working with. We told them that if they don't complete with the commitments we extend to them than there is nothing we can do. The next Sunday we saw them at church.

But I just love Barahona so much, it's such a blessing to spend 7 months here. I'm really growing to love my branch and just all the people here.

Here's a picture of the four of us that live my house. We're in my backyard, it's a jungle out there. And the other one is the Espinosa Family, the son isn't there, but he is also getting baptized.


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