Monday, May 8, 2017

Edler Edholm week 98

So this week kind of culminated up to an apex and then started going back down again. It just felt like in this week that we never had sufficient time to work, to get what we wanted to get done. But on Sunday it all payed off to see a new family that we've been working with go to church. The daughter's a less active, but the whole rest of the family aren't members and the mom and two daughters came to church! We had a member go pick them up. Also a new young men's president got called and that's just what this branch needed. Now the young men are a lot more motivated, we've already gone on a couple splits with young men, and others that aren't old enough have left with us. That's one thing I like about being in a branch, it really helps me get involved more with all of the organizations, if I were in a big ward I probably wouldn't care as much.

Anyway I attached a picture here of Rico and Lili's wedding. They are doing just great. Lili is very motivated and Rico is on fire as well, I've never seen him so dedicated. 

Today I got to visit my first area, Canastica. I was so excited to go and visit, I didn't want to leave. It was so great seeing my very first area. Being able to see all those members that helped me to grow in the mission so much, I felt so much joy seeing all of them, and I'm determined to keep contact after I get home. At the same time I felt really sad because I don't know when I'm going to be able to see them again, hopefully soon. It's just moments like that when I feel so much gratitude to all the great examples in my life and to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity to serve a mission and meet so many amazing people that have changed my life.

Besides that, we might have another baptism coming up soon. This 10 year old girl that's been going to church since she was born practically. Her 19 year old sister is a member, but her parents aren't. We're trying to work with her parents more before we baptize her. Even though she has a lot of support in the ward from the people that take her to church, we want to try with her parents too, at least so they understand what their duty is.

Anyway, that's it for this week, I can't wait to call you guys next week! I love this work so much!!!

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