Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Elder Edholm -- week 97

So the wedding and the baptism both went great! I would send pictures, but I'm on a really sketchy computer right now and I really don't want to get a virus, but I promise I will send it next week. But Lili is doing super great, it was really awesome hearing her testimony after the baptism, I feel really good about her because she has both of the things that Elder Andersen said a convert needs to have to stay faithful in the church, repent on her own, and a love for the Book of Mormon. Her husband Rico is now active in the church now too. We are working with a new family as well that wants to get baptized and married, so we're going to keep working with them.

I completely forgot to tell you guys that our P-day was changed this week to Tuesday because we went to the temple today. It's always great going to the temple, especially as a missionary. It always gives me the motivation to help prepare people to come to the Lord's house and feel what I feel there.

The work is going well though, sometimes it's hard to keep finding new people everyday in the same area I've been in for more than six months now, but I feel like I'm doing a good job at it.

Sorry, but not too much to report on this week, it's great to hear how the family is doing, Love you all, and I love this work, I hope you can all find ways to participate in it because I know that it will make you truly happy!
Zone Conference, Palmer is right smack in the middle

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