Saturday, May 30, 2015

Getting ready...last days at home

Busy week!  Palmer has been cleaning out his room and I've been rearranging the garage so there is room for his boxes.  Andy was the recipient of some of Palmer's clothes.  I had Andy go through his clothes and Eric got some of his stuff, so everyone wins!  I now have 3 boxes of clothes for D.I,!

Palmer has been spending a lot of time with his siblings.  Andy and him spent a few hours hitting the baseball around with each other at the baseball park the other day.  Palmer made sugar cookies for the little kids and played some board games with them.  It's very sweet and cute to see him realize he won't see them for two years.

Here is a picture of his tie dye sugar cookies.  He got the mix for Christmas:

It finally is summer weather here, the ran has stopped!  So this Saturday was a major clean up day.  Brian and the kids cleaned out his tools in the garage which was a HUGE undertaking!  And now we are normal people who can park our cars in the garage!  We have never had this luxury!

WooHoo.  This will be especially great in the winter!

We also planted some tomatoes and peppers:

Peter is pretty excited about the peppers, he loves them.

Palmer's friends from Utah just arrived for his farewell.  Stephanie Woodall drove her van with her kids in it plus two more of Palmer's friends.  They will go home tomorrow, but it's nice that they wanted to come and support him.

At the moment Palmer is playing his drums and his friend, Dane, is playing his guitar at the rest home.  I'm sure those residents are loving it!

Palmer's VISA came on yesterday, so we are a go for him to fly out on Tuesday!  Wow.  All the happenings of the last few months have officially tired me out, I'm ready for a nap!

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