Saturday, May 23, 2015


Wow, it has been raining nearly non-stop since we came back from Utah!  All of Peter's T-Ball games and Lucy's softball games have been cancelled so far.  But on the positive side our lawn looks awesome-so green!

Thursday was 8th grade graduation.  I have to admit it was overkill.  The girls were really dressed up in prom like dresses and it was like a real graduation with the reading of everyone's name and the handing out of diploma's.  They also gave out lots of awards and Andy was up there receiving a ton of them!  I felt bad that some kids got nothing.  Here is a list of the awards that Andy got:

  • Track
  • Physical Fitness Brave Leadership Award
  • Presidential Physical Fitness Award (only three kids got this award, Andy, his best friend Jaden and Ellyse Russell who is in our ward)
  • Knowledge Bowl
  • Geography Bowl
  • All Year Honor Roll
  • President's Educational Award
  • Math Award--given to the best math student in the school!
Wow Andy!  It was interesting to see that the LDS kids got most of the awards!  Here is a picture of Andy and Ellyse at the graduation!  Andy was really embarrassed when her parents wanted a picture of them together!  

Andy then went to the dance and danced with three girls!  That's a big deal since he really gets nervous.  He also went to a party hosted be a girl last night to celebrate this great accomplishment of graduating from 8th grade!  He's like a social butterfly now!

I finally got Peter and Eric's wrestling picture back.  This has to be the CUTEST picture I've ever seen!  I can't stop looking at it!

Look at their muscles!!!

We really wanted to go to Yellowstone this weekend, but the weather isn't quite cooperating!  We are still discussing what to do.  We really wanted to go camping.  Some friends of ours lent us their tent trailer.  

10 days until Palmer leaves!!  Wow, I can't believe it!

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