Sunday, May 17, 2015

The week of heavenly happenings!

Where to start?

I drove down to Utah early Saturday the 9th with Palmer and Emma.  The roads were very scary and because of prayer we made it through south pass!  I was going maybe 5 mph and sliding everywhere for about 40 minutes.  When we made it through we pulled over and I breathed for awhile and uttered many prayers of thanks!

Emma and I were able to go to the BYU children's dance concert that night.  Emma participated in BYU dance for many years and it was very hard to leave it all.  It was a different experience for her to watch the concert from the audience instead of back stage.

Mother's Day was spent with my mom and sister.  Since Palmer was the only male around he made us dinner--fajitas!  They were very delicious!  It was a nice relaxing Mother's Day!

Preparations for the wedding reception started with finding the food.  We finally decided on Costco ice cream, berries, and whipped cream.  Matt's sister made a TON of wonderful cookies and it all came together.

Meanwhile, Brian and the rest of the kids came on Wednesday night.  Thursday we went to the temple with Palmer.  It was a wonderful time with Palmer, Lauren, Matt, and Audrey at the temple all together.  I left the temple and that wonderful spirit seemed to linger with me the rest of the week.  It was a glimpse of heaven.  I took a bunch of pictures, some turned out, others didn't!!

Ahh, Lauren,nice crossed eyes!
Friday morning I headed over to Matt's mom, Dayna, house.  She had so many wonderful people there to help and we got things going.  At about 1:00 the down pour started!  I mean, a HUGE down pour!  

Many prayers were silently sent upwards that it would let up.  One of Matt's brother's said that their dad (who passed away in August) needed to talk with those angels and stop the rain!  It stopped 30 minutes later and the sun miraculously shined through!  It continued to be clear, although cold, throughout the night.   

Beautiful bride!

I made the cake!

The reception was so much fun!  I really enjoyed myself and so did Lauren and Matt.

Saturday morning the temple was again beautiful beyond words!  What a special wonderful time.  The sealer said some beautiful words and I left feeling incredibly grateful and full of joy.  It was so neat to see all three of my kids in that sealing room.  I've tried to express my feelings that day and words don't do it justice.

We left all to soon to return to Wyoming.  Today was Palmer's graduation.  It was outside and we FROZE!  Thankfully it was short (only 74 graduates).  Here are some pictures:

Display table at our house for the party

Jesse and Palmer

Wind was REALLY blowing!

What events! I loved every minute!

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