Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Weekend

We woke up to lots of rain Saturday morning and a text that both of Lucy's softball games were cancelled.  So we decided we needed to get out of the house for the day.  After much discussion we decided to go to a city most of us hadn't been to before--Sheridan.  We loaded all of us into the truck, 4 in the front, 4 in the back, because our van has no tail lights and we have already been pulled over once for that issue and Brian can't find the electrical problem that is causing the no tail light problem.  It was very squishy, but not too bad.

Sheridan is a little over 2 hours away.  We drove up past TenSleep and then over the mountain.  It was very pretty up there and it was clear most of the way except when we encountered some snow.  I was hoping to see some animals but all we saw were a few deer and a bunch of wild turkeys.

One of Brian's employees is from Sheridan and we asked her what were some things we could see.  She gave us some suggestions and we started with the Kendrick Mansion.  It was a huge house and incredibly ornate and beautiful.

Sitting in the foyer

Such a cute picture of Eric and Palmer

On the stairs to the second floor

Pete looking so happy

Pete loves getting mauled by his siblings

Pete wanted a picture by himself!  But I didn't get a very good one!  He looks a little creepy!

Lucy by the organ

The guide at the mansion suggested we go to the Don King Museum.  Apparently Don King is a famous saddle maker, not the boxing promoter with the wild hair.  I've never see so many saddles in my life!  The place smelled incredibly strong of leather.  We found out even Queen Elizabeth visited Wyoming 50 years ago and saw the saddles he made.

Peter sitting on one of the millions of saddles

This is a real bear with Arabian horse trappings

Great smile Emma!

Hi Lucy!

The lady at the museum told us we had very well behaved children!  As we were talking with her we found out that she came from a family of 8 children as well and had 4 boys and 4 girls!

We then went to the Historic Sheridan Inn.  We didn't go inside or anything, just walked around.  It has a great porch where Buffalo Bill used to sit and audition acts for his wild west shows.

Our last stop was at Bloedorn.  Brian wanted to stop by their store and see it.  It was a lot smaller than his store even though Sheridan is a lot bigger city.  They also are right next door to Home Depot!  That has to hurt business.

A few pictures before we headed home:

It's interesting that on the other side of our mountain the landscape is very different.  Our side of the Big Horns are very rocky and lots of red dirt, very rugged.  Once you cross the mountain it is all green rollings hills.  We finished the day by watching Aristocats, except for Palmer who went out with the missionaries to a teaching appointment.

After church we will try to maybe go camping, we'll see what the weather decides to do!

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