Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Seminary graduation

Tonight was seminary graduation for the Worland Wyoming stake.  It was a very small and very nice affair.  There were 5 youth from our ward who graduated, three from the Greybull ward, 1 from the Thermopolis ward, 1 from the Worland 1st ward and 2 from the Worland 3rd ward.  I played the piano, Palmer led the music and Emma sang in the choir.

Palmer, Jesse, and Dane with President Nelson smiling big in the background!

Apparently I wasn't supposed to take the picture in the chapel!  Oops!

Peter had his first T-Ball game tonight.  Last weeks game was rained out and this weeks was cut short because a big hail storm hit in the middle of the game!  He looks so cute in his complete outfit!  T-Ball here is a bit more involved than in Orem--they play on the actual baseball diamond and they wear the entire uniform.  It was extremely cute to watch them play!  Peter hit the ball really well!

I took a video of him running home:

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