Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Birthday

Since all our attempts at camping this weekend were rained out we all slept in the living room last night and pretended we were camping!

My birthday morning started out with homemade biscuits and eggs made by Brian.  I didn't have to clean anything up today--HOORAY!  That is my favorite thing about my birthday.  I really wanted to go somewhere so we headed up to Shell Falls.  It's about an hour and a half away west.  The canyon is my favorite so far, really pretty.  It was raining up there, but that only added to the beauty.  The falls are HUGE and very loud.  It's pretty awesome, my phone's camera doesn't do it justice!

Peter wanted a picture of his smile, Palmer pulled out his loose tooth this morning!

Brian thought this looked similar to Provo Canyon

Not a great picture of me!

We took a picnic lunch which we ended up eating sitting in the shell of the truck.

We came home and Brian made an amazing chocolate cake!  Pretty great birthday!

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