Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I just realized it's Wednesday already!  Let's see what has gone by:

Lucy had two volleyball games on Monday back to back.  She didn't do as well as she has in the past.  Maybe the excitement of playing volleyball is wearing thin?

Andy had a game yesterday and Greybull blew them away!  It's their second loss.  Andy has been having some pain in his back from some pulled muscles.  Just down the street from us is a member of the ward that is one of the physical therapists at the hospital.  He came home from practice on Monday in a lot of pain.  He laid down and I gave him some ibuprofen and he iced it for awhile.  Brian called the physical therapist and he came over and did some stretches with Andy that have helped.  He played in the game yesterday, but with a few minutes left he got collared and tackled and it really hurt his back.  Thankfully Saturday is his last game and then he can heal.  They told him he can't hurt it worse by playing, but it's going to hurt if he plays.  Of course he has decided to play and then take the time to start feeling better after Saturday.  I really love his determination, but I hate to see him in pain.

The middle school has decided that Andy is too smart for the highest math they offer.  So now during first period when he normally has math he goes to the library and does geometry online.  It has taken them awhile to get this set up because they wanted to make sure he was really ready for geometry even though he took Algebra I last year and we told them that, they still enrolled him in Algebra I because that is the highest math the middle school has.  He took the end of the year Algebra I test and got 98%.  After that they decided that yes he should be in geometry! He's done online school in the past and done well so I'm  sure he will do well this time as well.

I have started teaching the kids piano lessons finally!  Peter had his first lesson and said it was very hard!  The day after he was practicing and was practically in tears!  I  sat with him and showed him that it wasn't that hard and he decided he can practice by himself now.  I have Eric and Lucy working on a duet, I think it will be fun for them.  Lucy wants me to start teaching her the harp.  I'm going to wait a month or so to let her get used to piano lessons and then I will add the harp.  I am teaching Emma and Andy as well.  Palmer is just going to work on hymns for now.

I've been working out everyday and I'm sooooo very sore!  The pains of getting back in shape!  I'm trying to take advantage of the weather before it gets too cold to run outside.

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