Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chilly mornings are starting to be the norm.  It really warms up by the afternoon so the kids go to school with coats and then are sweating when they come home from school.  I didn't want to turn on the heat this morning, so I read my scriptures next to the fireplace.

It was so nice and cozy and warm!  Plus since it's a gas fireplace I only have to push a button!  The conveniences of the modern world, I can enjoy a crackling fire without the hassle of chopping wood, hauling it in the house, starting the fire, and smelling like smoke!

Emma finished her "baby" weekend and when she turned everything in to her teacher she said she got the highest grade in the class!  She's an expert!  Here's a few pictures of the baby.  Lucy loved it the most!

It looked a little creepy which was magnified by the extremely realistic baby noises it made randomly throughout the day and night.  The computer chip inside of it can tell how you are holding it and how fast you respond to it's crying.  The teacher said the other students didn't support it's neck well and Emma got full points on that.  It was a pretty realistic and cool experience which caused me to dream about having another baby!

With football over we see Palmer a lot more until wrestling starts.  He has used his time this week applying to colleges.  He finished Utah State's application yesterday and just has three essays left on the BYU application.  BYU's app is so much more involved, but he is almost done.  His birthday party with the missionaries went well.  The sister's are doing a great job here and we enjoyed getting to know them better.  One is brand new from Delta and the other is from Sacramento and goes home in December.  They enjoyed eating Palmer's cheesecake with him!  Palmer got lot's of mission related gifts.  It's so incredible to think that he can start the application process in just a few months!

I got to go to parent teacher conferences last week.  All the kids are really doing well and I was impressed overall with the teachers.  Palmer's teachers talked to me about his plans after high school.  He had already told them he was planning on serving a mission and it's wonderful that his teachers, none of whom are LDS, think it's great.  They all said all the kids have seemed to settle in well and have friends and are doing well in their classes.  I did miss seeing all the teachers at their Utah schools that I know so well and that know all my kids.  I had to introduce myself over and over again to the teachers and I know it will take awhile before they remember me and I start to feel a connection with this high school.  Because my kids are awesome we have a good start!

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