Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wow, a post two days in a row!  I finally bit the bullet and started putting pictures up.  I kept thinking I wanted to paint everything first, but I'm not liking all the pictures stacked in my bedroom.  So yesterday was the day!  These shelves that jut out of the fireplace make things really easy.  With the fire going it makes the family room really cozy!  I didn't get everything hung, but it's a start.  I'm loving the gas fireplace.  I can turn it on in the morning and it really heats up the basement to a comfy toasty temperature.  By 10:00 I can turn it off and we are good for the day.  The upstairs doesn't really need the heat yet because it has been getting quite warm by the afternoon.  Thank you Wyoming weather for not dropping your temperatures so drastically quite yet!

I also attacked our flower beds in the front of the house.  We have several over grown rose bushes so I hacked at them and got them pruned down with lots of major thorn pricks in the process.  I'm not a fan of rose bushes, they are so hard to keep up.  But, pulling them completely out is hard to do without losing a finger to the thorns.

Here's to another day of reading on my couch with the fire in the background, I'm loving this!

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