Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Bliss

Homecoming last night was a success!  Both Palmer and Emma had a good fun time.  Here is a picture of Palmer and his date Saydria Russell:

Palmer made the breadsticks and the pizza and it was a hit!

It was fast Sunday for our stake today because of General Conference.  I decided to bear my testimony which I don't do in sacrament meeting very often.  I felt very happy to be a member of the church and to see the blessings that have come to me because of that membership.  After I sat down Palmer got up and said how he was grateful he was here even though he didn't want to come at first.  He said it has helped him prepare to be a missionary as he explains the gospel to his nonmember friends at school.  Then Lucy wanted to get up so she ran up and gave her short sweet testimony.  It was an Edholm testimony meeting that was totally not planned!

I taught Relief Society today for the regular teacher who was out of town.  It went really well and I had great participation.  I left church feeling filled and happy and grateful.

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