Saturday, October 11, 2014

Billings again!

We made the trek to Billings again this morning.  I made an appointment with the temple for the kids to do baptisms at 10:00am.  When we got there Palmer discovered he forgot his white shirt and his tie!  Andy forgot his belt, Emma, fortunately didn't forget anything.  There is an outside dressing room for those who travel to change into their Sunday clothes and right next to it is the distribution center.  We went in there to see if they sold any white shirts.  We figured it didn't matter if they didn't have a belt or a tie.  The only sizes they had were enormous and the lady said Palmer would be fine to just wear his suit with his t-shirt underneath.  They completely understand and it isn't the first or the last time it has happened.  Most importantly everyone remembered their temple recommends!

Lucy, Peter, Eric, and I waited outside the temple.  We walked around the grounds and took some pictures.  I let each of them take some pictures as well.  Peter hates to smile and told me he won't smile in pictures, hence his face in all these pictures!  We took a lot of them, so here they are:

The stained glass right behind me is the celestial room.  It's really pretty from the inside.

We ended our day by going to Costco and buying entirely too much and eating lunch at the food court there.  We didn't stay much longer because Palmer and Emma had lot's of homework to finish. 

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